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Company Name Nowla Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Tokyo Head Office

3F, Daini Pureshiza@Bldg.,
4-8-4, Iidabashi, Chiyoda-Ku,Tokyo 102-0072, Japan

Telephone +81-3-3221-1222
Facsimile +81-3-3221-3391
Osaka Head Office 4-10-30, Komatsu, Higashiyodogawa-Ku,Osaka 533-0004, Japan
Telephone +81-6-6328-5270
Facsimile +81-6-6328-5951
E-mail Address for Inquiry
Date of Foundation August 20, 1991
Chairman Shigeo Hotta
President Susumu Hotta
Employment 106
Capital 88 million yen (2010 March Term)
Settlement Term End of March
Revenue 2010F2,124 million yen
2009F2,171 million yen
2008F2,504 million yen
Main Bank MitsuiSumitomo Bank Iidabashi Branch iTokyoj
MitsuiSumitomo Bank Umeda Branch iOsakaj

Business Contents

Manufacture and sale of packing
Sales of Japanese miscellaneous goods
Manufacture and sale of various business units for steel work
Piping, sheet metal construction and steel structure construction industry
Design and manufacture of air cleaning equipment and labor-saving machinery, sales,
import and export business
Construction industry can manufacturing
7) Design of piping and plumbing building services plant
8) Import and export business of manufacturing and sales of products and fitting piping
configurations machining
9) Import and export business and sales of materials for plumbing
10) Import and export business development and sales of computer software for the above
11) Electricity, water supply and drainage, a plan, the investigation into air conditioner, design
12) Maintenance work on the above items
13) Operations related to installation work on the above items
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